(UPDATED: 09/10/14) Wild Bill's reflections on poker, sports, and issues facing the Gulf Coast:

"Did have one weird hand history. During an Aces cracked promotion at Harrahs, I somehow lost the minimum with them against pocket kings. He flopped a set and boated up on the river. I thought the board pairing the low card might have been good for me because when he raised me on the turn I thought he had at least two pair. So, I lose the pot and they go off to get me my hundred dollars in chips .

The dealer didn't ask if they were in play, and right before I looked at my hand I thought about saying something. She was attending to something so I said to myself no big deal I'll wait a hand before mentioning it. Then I spied Queens."


[UPDATED  10/08/14] Jonathan Little has more tournament winnings than only a handul of pros.  At 24, he had already eclipsed 4 million dollars in lifetime winnings .  The WPT Season VI player of the year, Jonathan was born in Pensacola Florida and currently operates a new poker site, which includes his blogs and videos you can find it here.

"In this blog post I am going to reveal to you a flaw I currently have in my game. I am also going to explain the actions I am taking to fix it. I hope you enjoy this candid look into my mind.

I recently had the pleasure of playing the $3,500 Borgata Poker Open World Poker Tour event. I must admit, Borgata has done an excellent job of cultivating their poker community and constantly growing their games. "


[UPDATED  10/08/14] Nolan Dalla.com is where you find the wit and wisdom of one of the most well known poker writers in the industry.  His WSOP coverage speaks for itself.  His home blog covers a wide range of topics written with that singular Dalla conviction. 

"ďPoker Night in AmericaĒ remains a work in progress. The show has overcome huge odds just by the fact itís made it to national television and has even found an audience with many viewers. Ratings are solid and the network is quite pleased with whatís been accomplished, so far. This is a testament to Todd Andersonís grand vision as the showís creator, the unwavering support given to us by Rush Street Productions in Chicago, a stellar film and editing crew which is as dedicated as any group Iíve ever worked with, and lots of support within the poker community ó including players who have appeared on our show.
Iím astounded that every player without exception who has joined us so far has been highly complimentary about what weíre trying to accomplish. Frankly, I did not expect this level of support and enthusiasm. Poker (especially televised poker) can be a very rude awakening, especially for optimists and those who seek predictable outcomes. But nothing is predictable when it comes to televised poker. "



[UPDATED  08/22/14] Shannon Shorr has graduated.  That's bad news for the poker world because he's terrorized the circuit while also being a full time college student.  Now without distractions, like class every day, the only question is how quickly will he add to his over 3.2 million dollars in tournament winnings.  You can also read Shannon's blog at his homepage:  http://shannonshorr.com/

"Hey friends! At 6:34 a.m. local time Friday I summited the world's largest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro with my buddies Jesse and Paul Yaginuma! I consider it one of my biggest personal achievements and got so much out of the journey. The idea was proposed by Jesse and Paul over a year ago. I initially laughed it off thinking it was an unattainable goal. I'm really, really, really glad I looked further into it. A big thank you to the Yaginumas for being such cool fucking guys with ambition and a strong desire to live their lives to the fullest. This reiterates to me just how essential it is that we all keep an openmind about everything. Opening one's mind isn't a process that happens overnight. It's a matter of being exposed to different people, things and places. I'll take this platform, however small it is, to try to express that through this documentation of my Kilimanjaro experience:" [+]

Bella Donkey

[01/18/14]  Jennifer Gay is a poker player, poker room supervisor and Ante Up Magazine Poker Columnist local to Tunica, MS. Her blog covers the sometimes personal and always comical reality of a life fully centered around poker in the South.

"Early this morning, Amanda Desnoyers called me. I missed the call while I heated a bottle up for Carter. Her voicemail told me everything without saying more than "call me back".

She said, between sobs, when I called her back: "You know the poker people. Would you help get the word out so I can stop making phone calls?" She sounded exactly like you'd expect a woman who'd just lost her husband to sound. Grief stricken. Frazzled. Tired. Full of the realization that this nightmare is only beginning. She spoke briefly about her family being local and an autopsy, not knowing when arrangements would be. Her words were soft and broken, tearful, before she exclaimed another call was coming in and to please keep in touch. " 





[UPDATED:  03/28/13] David Clark bagged more points than any other at large qualifier on the WSOP this year.  The Texan has been blogging and winning for some time now.

"Rocky road to the Rocky Mountains.

La recently decided she wanted to add the Colorado Black Hawk circuit stop to the schedule. I wasnít convinced. I was enjoying the beautiful Dallas weather, sleeping in our bed, and getting some much needed exercise. I eventually told her she should go by herself if she wanted to grind, but I didnít feel like it and I didnít think there would be much Omaha action for me anyway. She wasnít very happy about the idea of traveling without me and decided to make a few last minute compromises that would allow me to enjoy the Colorado state of mind while she got on the mtt grind. Once I agreed we got all the travel arrangements sorted quickly and packed for an early morning flight.."



3802 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, La and you can call @504-889-7350

Poker Fiction

[UPDATED:  03/08/12] PLAYER N scribes a tale of grifters, sleaze balls, and beautiful card sharks all hustling on the Coast.

"Thick cigarette breath assaulted me as the man in the tattered Red Sox jacket put his hand on my shoulder, "Hey boss, spare a dollar..." it hung there not as a question but an instruction. I couldn't sidestep it or the man. His gently tightening grip, neither affectionate nor comforting, but oddly somehow both soft and malevolent made the hairs on my neck stand up. The harsh cold wind pushed at me, up the darkened street gaining speed between the concrete buildings. It buttressed me helping the man stop me on that corner.

I gave him a steely look, and he inhaled quickly through his nostrils, "Sorry guy." I tried to wave him off, but his hand didn't move. I had to look him in the eye.

Quiet, gray blue eyes surprised me, they looked like they still had the sparkle of youth, maybe a forty years old but his weathered face told a different story. Craggy, fractured and leathery ridges told of many more years and hardship born of living outdoors. Then in a flash, those eyes lost their luster and bore into m
"  [+]


Looking to play Online Poker?  There are still lots of good options.  Look for our upcoming article where we rank all the sites still out there.



The WSOP -C stop in Hammond, IN, never fails to bring in a ton of players.  This year, Joey Wideman, a Harrahs new Orlans reg, visited and just missed winning his first ring.  Congrats to him as earned almost 20k for third in the reentry format.


Congrats to Morgan Bowers who won the first ever Harrahs NOLA ladies weekly tournament beating Ms. Joan Rhodes in heads up play.  Ms. Joan settled for second but quickly found the cashiers cage again making the money in the Monthly WSOP satellite event.  Great week for another tournament reg.


We are going to welcome David to our blogger roll later this week.  His focus will be on the current state of online poker and other items he wants to write about.  We are glad to have him.  Not that he doesn't play live, as he just cashed/chopped fourways for a big chunk.


The MSPT is coming back to Baton Rouge.  We hope to be promoting the event as we did last year.  So look for updates and information about their qualifiers running up to the event itself here.  Also, the Beau Rivage has released it's Million Dollar Heater Schedule already.  Might be a good time to get a jump on booking rooms.  You can find the link on our FACEBOOK page.  While you are there don't be afraid to hit like.  We love to feel loved.



Moe Moeini wins WSOP-C IP Main Event on Home Turf:

Mohammad Moeini played Georgian Brandon Newsome three hours in heads up play until he prevailed.  He won 106k for topping the 301 person field.  He downplayed his recent success by saying, "The last two years I've been getting lucky," to the WSOP.com.  We wouldn't be surprised if this humble player one day says, "For the last twenty years I've been lucky."  Sure it takes good fortune to win any tournament and sustain success on the tour, but to be in the money as often as Moeini does it requires a great amount of skill too.  Congrats Moe!

Newsome earned 65k for finishing second.  Friends of GCP, Tim "TK" Miles finished in third, winning 47k, and Corrie Wunstel eigth pocketing 12k.  Roger "Lynn" Morris of Pensacola finished 9th for just under 10k.  Congrats also to Metairie CPA Thomas Doussan, who can't seem to stop cashing lately finishing sixth for 20k.  Lance Jones of Birmingham, went out fifth winning 26k.  Larry Hirons of Arlington, TX rounded out the final table winning 15k for seventh.

Blake Barousse at one point held the chiplead but got run down finishing 23rd.  A number of names we see a lot in the money, finished outside the final table but went home with some pocket change.  They included Metairie's Curtis Terry, Tim Burt, Beverly Lange, Ben Thomas, Josh Palmer, Jerry Monroe, Chris Conrad, and Dan Lowery.


Anthony Gray earned the Casino Championship by winning his second ring in event 11 to edge Mark Fink, Joshua Reichard and GCP's Will Souther in the standings.  Gray beat the capable Kip Jones, and Will Souther in the final three to win his second ring.  Also, a shout out to Kai Landry who finished second in the Ladie's event.  His cash had many petitioning the WSOP to install TSA type X-ray devices to insure the proper chromosomes of all Ladies events players in the future.



Congrats to John Holley of Destin, FL (first 38k) and BJ McBrayer of Tuscaloosa (second 24k) for going deepest in the event everybody want to win.  The tournament set the highest attendence of any WSOP-C event ever at the IP Casino.  This time the fisherman prevailed winning his third ring.  We were happy to see both players do so well.  Great job John and BJ!

Matthew Davidson of Birmingham (third 17k), Justin Hooker of Tuscaloosa (4th), and Justin Booth of Dallas (8th 4.5k) all made the final table.  Steven Giddings of Ruston, LA, Tom Franklin, Kyle Nunez of Erath, LA, Robert Matthews of Denham Springs, LA and Blake Barousse of Lafayette, all got some circuit points.  Joey Wideman of Belle Chasse, LA, Alexander Debell of Gulfport, Mark Wilds of Biloxi, Garret Jones, Ashly Butler, Mike Husar, Fred Sigur, Charles Moore, Ben Thomas, Frank Aplandinar, Kris Cannatelli, and Thomas Doussan all cashed.


One of the storylines of this circuit event has been the success of the roommates in a local house.  Josh Reichard, John Holley (yep, that's him above), Chris Conrad and Paul Ewen all lived together and all cashed together.  In event 4, Josh Reichard, a Monkey's Minion, won 10k after beating his roommate Chris Conrad (second 6.6k) in heads up action. 

Paul Ewen also made the money.  Pretty sure they've won the House Casino Championship.  Meanwhile, we were also pulling for Tai Cao (pictured) of Lafayette who despite coming back to day two with one of the shortest stacks ran it up to 3.4k.  Great job Tai.


Circuit reg Valentin Vornicu won 12k for first beating Danny Gray of Tallassee, AL heads up.  Vornicu now boasts five Circuit rings.  Gray earned 7.5.  Ray Parker of Long Beach and Robert Lovell of Houston, TX also made the final table.  Meanwhile, another cash for Will South and Doug Gambel of Ponchatoula, LA. 


Rodney Sermons of Shreveport, played his first tournament and went home with a ring.  Will Souther earned his third cash of this series with a fifth place finish (2.7k).  As for the points race he's still well behind Mark Fink who jumped over Josh Reichard in the points lead by finishing second.  Fink's first place and second place finishes gives him 12.5 more points than Reichard.



Gene D (aka Gene Dudek) gave 'em hell in event one.  Like Austin "SkinnyDonk" Buchanan (third 4.6k), Gene was in search of his first circuit ring.  Dudek, a GCP co-owner, previously has been casino champion at the IP so it would be fitting to get the gold here.  Unfortunately for Dudek, Mark Fink of Sioux Falls ended up winning the event and 10k for first.  Robert Iversen of Gulf Breeze finished second for 6.4k, and Dudek had to settle for fourth (3.6k).

Thomas Doussan and Todd Cowan both of Metairie finished sixth for just under 2k and 8th for a little over 1k respectively.  John Durio of Metairie, also cashed as did Robert Pierce of Slidell, Charles Hubbard of Gulfport, Steven Giddings of Ruston, LA and another GCPer Will "Poker Monkey" Souther (in a triumphant return to the IP of his own).  


Danny Doucet (pictured) of Opelousas, LA came close to a ring in Event Two's turbo NL Hold'Em, but couldn't get past Anthony Gray of Coker, AL.    Doucet had to settle for second and 7.6k.  Ricky Romero of New Iberia, LA earned 3k for fifth.  Gray won 12k for first. 

They must like to play turbos in Alabama because Alabamians accounted for almost half of the players in the money. Along with Gray, Brett Hearn of Mobile, finished third; Charles Bailey of Mobile, AL and Christopher Nunnally of Birmingham each made the final table;  and Luther Tran, Gerald Beard, and Barry Champion all cashed.

For more news that no longer qualifies as the latest, because... it's no longer recent, follow the link below...





 (UPDATED: 5/20/14) Gene D's outlook on the local and national poker scene:

"Poker wise I haven't played in a bunch of events...but I have been playing enough to keep my chops somewhat sharp. I have been beating the cash games when I get to play, but haven't had much success in the tourneys I have been playing...but I will discuss a few here below:

Mid States Poker Tour (MSPT) came into Baton Rouge and put on a tournament with a $100k Gaurantee that had a buy-in of $1100. Good things I liked about the tourney were I was real impressed with the owner of MSPT Bryan Mileski. He came into town in a tough spot and assessed the situation and adapted to his environment to put on a great event. I really like the smaller "personal touch" tours and the "Satellite Structures" to get players into the main event is a smart move vs just blowing through prelims...etc. The tourney was held during Mardi Gras which I personally believed was a good thing so tourney rounder's could see the Mardi Gras parades as the Parades passed literally... right in front of the Casino. Most of the locals would probably take this as a "negative".


 (UPDATED 06/24/14) Florida's Jason Mericer is one of the best poker players in the world.  Why wouldn't you read his blog? 

"This will be my seventh summer in Las Vegas. This is actually the longest time Iíve gone without being in Vegas, as I literally havenít been back since the end of the WSOP last summer. Iím not looking forward to the weather, obviously, because I donít really like the dry heat during the summer. But Iím really looking forward to playing all of the different tournaments again. Itís like a poker playerís dream.

I like this yearís schedule a lot with all of the $10K events, and I plan to play a scaled-back schedule sticking mainly to the $5K buy-in events and higher. Iím also obviously looking forward to the Big One for One Drop and the $50K Poker Players Championship."


 [UPDATED: 10/01/14] Poker Monkey shares his insights on the tournament poker circuit, life in general, and the battle to make it happen:

"It's Thursday...and all the dust has settled, my sleep has been caught up on, and I've started with my personal trainer, in my mission to lose 30-35 lbs before our family cruise in January!

All in all I'd say the WSOP-circuit event at IP could be viewed as a success, despite firing twice and not cashing in the Main Event...which was regrettable. But 4 cashes, including a 5th in the 6-Max (an event I'd never cashed before) and a 3rd in the 11th ring event...coupled with a 1 for 1 Mega record and a 4th in the only nightly I played...and it was the 2nd consecutive circuit event where I turned a profit! Woo Hoo!"


 [UPDATED: 10/01/14] Davy Murrah dispenses poker insight with an  intriguing approach to  the game: 

" I didn't remember him but he had a story to tell me. We stepped to the side out of the crowd and the following is his story:

"About four years ago I was playing in a tournament here at the Beau at the same table with you. We were getting fairly deep in the tournament and you had a pretty large chip stack. You got into a big hand with a young lady at the other end of the table and the end result of the hand was her elimination.

She seemed pretty distraught. I'm sure you didn't notice because you were too busy stacking chips. I'm also sure you didn't notice that I got up from the table and followed her outside to console her. I had never met her but just felt like she needed a bit of comfort at the time.""

More news on Louisiana Locals.  Click the logo already!

 (UPDATED 01/14/14) A new title but the same blog, Goondingy or Big Smoove and pure aggression on the felt examines live poker action:

"Greetings and salutations.
I had to get on here and throw down some thoughts on how the year went for me and to set some expectations for 2014.
Poker has really taken a back seat, I live through Gulf Coast Poker.net and some friends in Vegas. I truly plan to get back into action in 2014, slowly but surely. My action figure business did not get off to a good start and following up on that with my other responsibilities hurt my slothfulness. 


[UPDATED 09/28/14] ReidG ...who was raised in New Orleans and lives in Mobile brings his poker Saints football perspective on to GCP.NET.

"Nothing kills quite as assuredly as does apathy.

And right now, the Saints are an apathetic mess.

After four weeks, it's difficult to maintain hope that it will get significantly better for the Saints this season.

On offense, the Saints look passive and nonthreatening. On defense, they look confused and unmotivated.

And overshadowing the whole affair is whether we're now watching the slow death of the Payton/Brees era. Nine seasons in, and it's a fair question to ask. If that's the case, what exactly are we witnessing right now? A temporary bump in the road? Or the inexorable fade to black?

Of particular note this season is the Saints' coaching, or lack thereof.. "

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[UPDATED: 10/21/14]  THE POKER BAT is an online player from Northern Louisiana who is trying out blogging to help him with his game.  Bat will delve into hand scenarios and discuss issues facing today's online player. 

"From his poker blind, the Bat watched Kai magnificently wade through that minefield of Q10 loving princesses and get to heads up action. Heads up action in a ladies tournamentÖ creepy smile, creepy wink, creepy nudge (somebody needs to design that emoticon). There the Bat hears some of the exiled ladies talking. One of them a brutish looking tight end for an Canadian Football League team tells the others, if Kai wins heís not getting out of the parking lot with the pendant.

This got the Bat picking his nose, actually, the Bat was already knuckle deep, this got the Bat thinking, about poor Kai getting jumped in the parking lot. So taking stock of the future mob, the Bat envisioned the scene if he won:

Kai exits the elevator, with the Ted Nugent muzak fading away as he walks into the IP garage, a car skids out in the distance, but this floor of the garage is empty except for Kaiís car (a vintage Aston Matin) parked by itself overlooking the beauty of the bay of biloxi. As Kai, walks sipping from his shaken not stirred victory martini, the lone light above his car flickers rapidly and turns off, turning the garage to shadow. Dripping water echoes loudly and Kai canít help but shake the idea heís being watched"